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Barack Obama biography


Obama Democrat the most popular President of America

The much human voice can want a change, then there is nobody stands in front of them. Always remember God and speak the truth. Yes, we can. These words are said by the America 44 President Barack Obama. He is the first Black president of America. The name is Barack Hussein Obama. Today we discuss the new things about Barack Obama. 

His father is an American Muslim person who suffered his life with goats in Kenya. Time change  Barack Obama's father got a scholarship, and to build his dreams, he goes to Hawaii in the United States America. Where he met Ann Dunham, who is white American, both get married. Their first child was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu the name of that born child is Barack Obama. Barack Obama's mother's father took to divorce in 1964.

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Barack Obama hope poster.

 Barack Obama Biography

In 1965 Barack Obama's mother married 2nd time with Dunham. Barack Obama lived in Indonesia at the age of 9 years. Barack Obama studied 2 years in Indonesia and learn the local language of Indonesia. At this time, Obama got a sister. For the complete Obama study, his mother go went with his children to America in his hometown again. Barack Obama green charter high school is very famous.

 Barack Obama can take admission to steamed Academy what the time was not right for Barack Obama. Due to his black color, he can suffer from many things in his classroom. In college time, Barack Obama said that he Stand  In front of the mirror and watching himself and said, what is the problem in him that people can hate him, and he faces so many issues.

 Barack Obama sees his first father only one time when he goes to Hawaii for work. Barack Obama said that when he thinks about that movement, he always feels that he has a blank space of father, not like other children. Barack Obama said that my father becomes a mystery for me. Barack Obama's first father died on 24 November in the car accident.

 Barack Obama gives admission to Los Angeles college, and he should be transferred to Columbia University, where he did his graduation in Political Science. After that, Barack Obama works in the business sector for 2 years. In 1985 Brock Obama shifted in Chicago, where he worked as the community organizer. 

After that, Barack Obama joins Trinity United Church of Christ and go to his father country Kenya. Barack Obama writes in his book that he can see is many things in his life as a good time or as well as the wrong time. Barack Obama's life is become up and down when he is in America. Obama said that as a black guy, I can face many problems in America.

Barack Obama interesting facts

Barack Obama joins Court for a job where he meets Michelle Robinson; she is an advocate in Court. 

There is the starting of the love life of Barack Obama.

 Both start dating each other.

 In February 1990, Barack Obama became the first African American editor.

 In 1991 Barack Obama graduated from Harvard University. Barack Obama starts teaching children at the University of Chicago.

 From 1992 to 2004, Barack Obama teaching in the university as a lecture and become the professor.

 3 October 1994 Brock Obama married his love, Michelle Robinson Obama. Barack Obama has two daughters Malia and Sasha.

Books are written by Barack Obama.

In 1995 Barack Obama published his own handwritten biography name Dreams from my father. Our story of Race and Inheritance.

Barack Obama's book was published in 25 languages, and his Second Edition was published in 2004.

Barack Obama's book also has an audio album, which is narrated by Barack Obama himself, and this audio album wins Grammy award.

This book becomes very famous. Barack Obama's keynote speech 2004 is very famous.

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Barack Obama's dreams of my father.

Being an advocate, Obama is motivated to politics.

In 1996 Barack Obama stand in politics and win the election of state Senate.

In 2004 Brock Obama stand in politics again and win the election of the United States Senate.

At that time, Barack Obama wrote his second book, The Audacity of hope, thoughts on reclaiming the American dream.

In this book, Barack Obama writes about the division of America by Barack Obama.

Few days this book become the best selling book in the New York Times and Amazon.

Important Lines

How Brock Obama become president of America

Due to Barack Obama's popularity, the democratic party stand Brock Obama in the presidential election of America and win the election and become the 44 president of America.

Barack Obama is the first Black president of America.

Due to Obama's good work for the American country democracy party stand Brock Obama in the presidential election once again, and Barack Obama can win back 2 back polls. He becomes a 2-time president of America.

Barack Obama has accomplished many achievements in his life. Barack Obama's presidential library is his personal library.

When the 9/11 attack occurs immediately, Barack Obama can take legal action, America will always remember Brock Obama for that.

 America Navy army Commando goes to Pakistan and kills the world's most dangerous terrorist, the leader of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden, at his home at the night.

In 2009 Barack Obama receive the International National Nobel Prize for peace. Barack Obama is the most famous president of all time.

Barack Obama is the former President of America.

Barack Obama always remembers his outstanding achievements and what he can do for America.

Barack Obama is the 6th president of America who written in left-handed.

When Barack Obama left the post of president in America, then there is the election in France and France. People wanted Barack Obama to become the president of France, but Barack Obama rejects this offer.

Barack Obama like boxing too much. Brock Obama has Muhammad Ali boxing gloves, and Mohammed Ali is his favorite boxer.

In college time, Barack Obama is a chain smoker, and for that reason in college's name was  Barack oh Ganja.

Barack Obama makes a promise to his wife when he becomes president, he can leave the smoke, and Obama will be the man of his word he left the cigarette.

Brock  Obama can inspire with three peoples in his life Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King.

Brock Obama can put God Hanuman Ji picture in his pocket he said that he makes inspiration to see this picture.

Do you know Brock Obama still doing a job in a company? Barack Obama is a great inspiration for many peoples to change their life no matter how poor family you are born. The thing that can matter is your hard work and the way you do things in your life.

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