Who is known as Mr Olympia?

Michael Phelps The World Record Holder

Friends do you know many people can create many records in the world what do you know there is a one person who has a record of most winning Olympian gold medal. He created the world record that can never be created. He is the only person in the world and the history of the Olympics to create a record of winning the most gold medal in an Olympic game. Friends today I talking about the Legend himself Michael Phelps the world record holder. He is a swimmer. Michael Phelps was born on 30 June 1985. He is an American citizen.

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Let's Start:

Michael Phelps is the only swimmer in the world who can win 23 gold medal. it is the world record no one can ever accomplish it. Michael Phelps can win 4 Gold medal in RIO Olympics 2016. He is the only person who can break his own record. Michel Phelps is a true legend and great inspiration for all of us. Michael Phelps holds the record of maximum broken record .Michael Phelps can win 28 medals in 4 Olympics. When he is 9 years old his mother and father take divorce that movement can break him apart. he was crying all time at that time he starts swimming. Michael Phelps has arrested 2 times under the DUI (Driving Under the Influence of  Intoxication).

 Michael Phelps The Greatest Olympian ever Smokes Pot and Drinks Booze and go to jail. Due to these things Michael Phelps banned for six months by USA Swimming. These all things broke him apart. People ask him how you feel to become a success and now a failure.H e said that I am also a human being I can make mistake in future I can't repeat this. I can restart my life. His mother and his coach can support him. he can looking around new sports on television and can inspire to rebuild his dream. In, 2012 Michael Phelps can announce his retirement but due to bad things happen in his life he decided to come back and rebuild his dream.

He is now retired in swimming. He starts swimming at the age of 7. He is very focused on his work in swimming he can break a national record at the age of 10. He is the first American child to go to the Olympics at the age of 15.  He broke all the records of swimming at the age of 15. When he is 19 years old he can break his previous record by himself.

Records of Michael Phelps:

Michael Phelps won 23 gold medal in 4 Olympics.

Michael Phelps is the only person in the earth who can win maximum Olympic medals in 2004,2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

 He is also known as the most decorated Olympian in the planet of Earth. In 1972 Mark Spitz won 7 Olympic medals in 2004 Olympics.

 Many people said that this record cannot be broken. But Michael Phelps announced that he can break this record.

 Michael Phelps has won 8 gold medal in a row in 2008 Olympics and a broke the record of Mark Spitz.

He can train 12 hour in a day. He always searches how many records are in swimming. He can read about this record and broken these record. he can create many records in the swimming and broke his own record in the swimming.

Michael Phelps is the only person who holds many records which is also a record. When he is a kid he can face the disease Attention Deficit Disorder. This time his mother and his coach can spot him.

Michael Phelps also has an NGO  where he can teach swimming for children with free of cost the name of the foundation is Michael Phelps Foundation. He always things about to achieve the unachievable.

Last line

Michael Phelps always say that the negative annotations by competition will become his motivation.

He is the 5th richest sportsman in the world. Friends do you know Michael Phelps can win 8 gold medal in Olympics with his broken hand which is a world record.

Michael Phelps always show never give up attitude he is a great inspiration for all people. I hope friend you can like this article this article belong to the great champion the world record holder Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps can win 28 medals in the Olympics where 23 of them are the Gold medal.

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